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The Devil’s Duke Series

When young ladies go missing from respectable homes, the ton points in shock and horror to one reclusive duke. Is he the beast that rumor claims him to be, or another sort of man indeed?

The Falcon Club Series

A wealthy lord. A lethal warrior. A cunning spy. A stunning temptress. A clever strategist. Five friends devoted to a single secret mission: find the missing and bring them home. But a lady journalist is determined to unmask them.

The Prince Catchers Series

Once upon a time a soothsayer foretold a glorious future for three orphaned sisters: one of them would marry a prince and the mystery of their past would be revealed. Now the sisters are on the trail of royalty, with only a gold ring to lead them to Prince Charming…

The Rogues of the Sea Series

Titled. Wealthy. Powerful. And handsome as sin. Bound by a noble goal, they will stop at nothing to achieve it.

The Twist Series

The Goddess of Love is trapped in Regency-era England with nothing to do but stir up trouble of the most breathtaking sort. One altar-shy family is about to discover how dedicated Aphrodite is to her work.

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Novellas & Short Stories