A Lady’s Wish

A Novella

Book 1.5 in the Rogues of the Sea Series

She had never stopped dreaming of him.

To the world, Lady Patricia Morgan is a proper lady. But in secret, she yearns for scorching romance with a certain breathtaking gentleman she has never forgotten.  They spent one perfect day together, but he disappeared before she could learn his name.

He had never forgotten her.

Eight years ago, Captain Nikolas Acton joined the navy so he could forget the mysterious young lady who, after promising him her heart, simply vanished. Now, he has returned to England as a war hero, and is staggered to come face to face with the woman who still possesses his heart.

“Sweet and sexy. Simply excellent.”

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A Lady’s Wish

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“I thought you meant to pretend we had not met before,” she said.

He turned to her, one corner of his mouth lifted in a slight smile.

“Why would I pretend that?” He spoke with perfect calm. Unregretful.

“Then,” she managed beneath his untroubled regard, “perhaps you did not wish to expose me to my family’s curiosity. I appreciate your discretion.”

He walked to her until he stood very close. Too close for a lady and a gentleman practically unknown to one another.

“No particular discretion intended upon that account, my lady,” he said in a low voice. “Only lack of opportunity to renew our acquaintance suitably. But I think it high time we finally introduced ourselves, don’t you? And now you have no maidenly modesty to justify denying me the pleasure of your name.”

His hand stole around hers, warm and strong and holding her with perfect confidence.

“Allow me to begin.” He lifted her fingers to his lips. “I am Nikolas Acton.” He placed the softest kiss upon her knuckles, his gaze fixed not on her hand or eyes, but her mouth. “And I am, as ever, enchanted.”

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A Lady’s Wish

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Avon Impulse

Mar 15, 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0062127495

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A Lady’s Wish

is Book 1.5 in the Rogues of the Sea Series

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A gorgeously penned reunion romance that is sure to warm the heart.  Katharine Ashe has delivered a charming story filled with love and longing and, quite simply, I adored it.

Joyfully Reviewed

Sweet and sexy. Simply excellent.

Red Hot Books

Filled with adventure, deep emotion and deliciously sensual romance... exquisitely tender and poignant… Often, a novella-length story touches only the surface of its characters but Ashe excels at delving deeper.

The Romance Dish