Book Signing in NC

August 1, 2018

Join Katharine with her friends at Dog-Eared Books in Raleigh, North Carolina this Saturday, August 4, as she shares stories about the making of her acclaimed novel The Prince, and reads her favorite scene. She’ll have copies of all the Devil’s Duke novels to sign. While you’re waiting for the fun on Saturday, enjoy this Bonus Scene: the never-before-published Prologue from The Prince.

Another Best of the Year

July 11, 2018

BookPage names The Prince one of the Best Romances of 2018 so far! Katharine’s celebrating all the love for Libby and Ziyaeddin by adding Bonus Content to this site every week for the rest of the summer, including more amazing History Tidbits and Bonus Scenes.

The Prince does it again

June 21, 2018

The Prince joins romance fiction’s finest on Amazon’s list of the best romances of the year so far!

Audio Books are on the way

June 19, 2018

Big news! Soon all of Katharine’s novels will be available in audiobook. While you’re waiting for the new audiobooks to be released, you can already enjoy My Lady, My Lord, The Earl, and The Rogue in gorgeous audio editions.


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