New to Katharine?

Are you new to Katharine and wondering where to start? Have you loved one of her books or series and are excited to find your next favorite, but don’t know how to choose? The guide below can help. Rest assured, all of Katharine’s romances are full of deep emotion and lush sensuality. Have fun finding your perfect fit!

Do you love to laugh?

For snappy banter and laugh-out-loud Regency shenanigans, How to Marry a Highlander and My Lady, My Lord are good bets. For feel-good fun, Again, My Lord and The Scoundrel & I are the sorts of stories that can make you chuckle through happy tears.

Are you looking for a totally unique Regency?

The novels in Katharine’s Twist series each have a special twist. No spoilers here! But if you’re up for a really unique historical romance, try Again, My Lord and My Lady, My Lord.

Do you love being swept away?

Do you crave romances with heart-stopping emotion, fabulous locations, and rich history? Katharine does! A few of her fans’ favorites are The Prince, The Duke, In the Arms of a Marquess, How To Be a Proper Lady, I Loved a Rogue, and Swept Away by a Kiss, which all include unusual locations and diverse casts of characters.

How about a little action and adventure?

Katharine adores throwing a hero and heroine together and making them turn to each other for survival. If you like a road trip romance, The Earl, I Loved a Rogue and How a Lady Weds a Rogue are some of her fans’ favorites. Her Rogues of the Sea and Devil’s Duke books are all page-turners.

Do you like a beguiling mystery for the hero and heroine to solve?

Many of Katharine’s romances feature intrigue and mystery. I Adored a Lord is a house party whodunit murder mystery (based on the board game Clue!). Captive Bride includes a mysterious curse, and When a Scot Loves a Lady and The Rogue are full of suspense. Each of the Falcon Club, Devil’s Duke, and Prince Catchers series have a mystery running through all the books. And Katharine’s Falcon Club series features a wickedly witty correspondence between Peregrine, the club’s secretary, and Lady Justice, a journalist determined to ruin him, whose real identity is a secret until the final novel.

Do you like series about a family or a group of friends?

The Prince Catchers are three orphaned sisters with a single goal: find the prince who can tell them the mystery of their parents. The Falcon Club features five friends with a secret mission and one lady journalist determined to reveal them.

Want to try a fan favorite?

Katharine’s most popular and beloved books span the gamut from light-and-sexy novellas to deeply passionate adventures. On the lighter side are her novellas How To Marry a Highlander and The Scoundrel & I, and her novel My Lady, My Lord. Lush romances her readers reread again and again include The Prince, I Loved a Rogue, The Earl, How To Be a Proper Lady, and In the Arms of a Marquess. Her most popular series is the Falcon Club, with its continuation Devil’s Duke series and the Prince Catchers series tied for close seconds.

Want to start with a book or series that’s won critical acclaim?

Katharine’s My Lady, My Lord and How to Marry a Highlander were both finalists for the most prestigious award in the romance fiction industry, the RITA®.  Three of Katharine’s novels —  The Prince,  The Duke and How To Be a Proper Lady — have won distinction as Amazon’s Best Romances of the Year in 2018, 2017 and 2012 respectively.  Captured by a Rogue Lord brought home the Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Historical Romantic Adventure.  All of the Devil’s Duke books have garnered loads of critical acclaim, and Katharine’s Twist Series is considered completely unique in the Regency sub-genre.