The Falcon Club Series

Five friends devoted to a secret mission, and one lady journalist determined to unmask them…

About the Falcon Club Series

A wealthy lord. A lethal warrior. A brilliant spy. A stunning temptress. A cunning strategist. Five friends dedicated to a secret ongoing mission: find the missing and bring them home.

Concealed behind the façade of an exclusive gentlemen’s club, the Falcon Club is known only to a select few in the government. Spies within society, the club’s members prowl London’s sparkling ballrooms and squalid hells, seeking out valuable, elusive prey amongst the aristocracy—whoever wishes to remain hidden, whoever must be revealed for England’s safety. In wartime, the young agents used every weapon at their disposal to serve their kingdom, including amorous promises, reveling in the thrill of adventure.

It is now 1817, the war is long since over, and peace blankets Europe…

Peregrine, sole contact with the club’s anonymous director, knows there’s still much they can each do for the kingdom and insists they continue. But his friends—Eagle, Sea Hawk, Sparrow, and Raven—refuse. Bidding him adieu, they set off on new paths: one to settle awkwardly into the life of a country lord, one to find atonement for the brutalities of his youth, one seeking relief for her aching heart, one to drink himself senseless… to forget.

Meet the former agents of the Falcon Club as they stumble through town amusements and great-house fêtes in search of normalcy. But a tenacious lady journalist has caught their scent. If she has her way, they will never be able to leave behind the past.

While ducking discovery, will they finally fall prey to the most persistent hunter of all, love?

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