Five Fun Facts About When a Scot Loves a Lady

1) While I was researching When a Scot Loves a Lady, a gorgeous bartender in a cozy pub in Edinburgh taught me how to enjoy whisky. (Scots spell whisky without the “e”, which he also taught me.) Also, the bartender turned out to be a rock and roll guitar player in a band.

2) Spoiler warning (don’t read this one if you haven’t yet read the novel): I wrote a handful of paragraphs near the end of the book as I did because I was impatient. I needed to bring the villain to justice, but I had no desire to write a long wrap-up scene between the hero and the villain. Like any avid reader of romance, I was eager to hurry to the hero and heroine’s declarations of love. So I wrote that scene between the hero and villain in only a few lines. Here’s the thing: among all of the scenes I’ve written that do not include a hero and heroine together, those paragraphs are now among my favorites.

3) The heroine of When a Scot Loves a Lady, Kitty, plays a small but crucial role in my award-winning Captured by a Rogue Lord. In fact, Captured by a Rogue Lord is a prequel to my whole Falcon Club series.

4) Leam, who is a Scotsman but not a Highlander, never wears a kilt in the novel. I know, right!? The truth is that in the early nineteenth century lowlanders rarely wore kilts. They were often more like Englishmen than their northern brethren, the latter whom the English often saw as more barbaric than civilized. The good news is that Leam does look mighty fine in only breeches… without a shirt… when he’s just lost that shirt during a game of strip piquet with Kitty…

5) I would like to have the jewelry that Kitty wears on the book cover for my very own. And her dress. And a ball to wear them both to. Please.

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