How are your books and series connected?

Download a printable checklist of my books.

I have five series: Devil’s Duke, Falcon Club, Prince Catchers, Rogues of the Sea and my Twist Series.  Every one of my books is connected to other books through characters, so you’ll see cameos of many of my heroes and heroines in books outside their series, and some recurring minor characters too.  The Devil’s Duke series is actually a continuation of the Falcon Club series.  Several of the main characters in the Falcon Club series are introduced in Captured by a Rogue Lord and one is introduced in In the Arms of a Marquess.

On my BOOKS page you can see all of my books by series, including some that crossover series.  Visit the TIMELINE page to see all of the major events in my books in chronological order, including heroes and heroines that appear in other books.