Bookmarks & Postcards

May 14, 2018

Gorgeous bookmarks for The Prince are going in the mail soon! If you’re not yet on Katharine’s bookmarks & postcards mailing list, use the Email Form on this site to send her your postal mailing address, and she’ll pop those in the mail to you.

A Special Note from Katharine

May 9, 2018

“She’s a commoner; he’s a prince. She’s a scientist; he’s an artist. But they live together for months — in the same house. Alone.” This week, Katharine revealed details about the research she did to write The Prince.


March 25, 2018

“Ashe strikes gold,” declares Publishers Weekly in its *STARRED* review of The Prince — the third book in Katharine’s Devil’s Duke series to win a coveted PW star! Pre-order The Prince now in ebook or paperback for delivery on May 29th, and prepare to fall in love. While you’re waiting, indulge in some yummy bonus scenes from the Devil’s Duke series.

Let’s Women-Splain Romance

February 26, 2018

Tonight at the Strand Book Shop in New York City, Katharine joins superstars of historical romance Beverly Jenkins and Lisa Kleypas for what promises to be a hard-hitting and side-splitting conversation with readers about what we all adore — romance!


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