A Timeline of Events in Katharine’s Books

The events listed below are in chronological order, with book titles beside the events. Names in brackets are other heroes and heroines also appearing.


Ian Chance mounts Corinna Mowbray on Storm.


Smugglers abduct Viola Carlyle.


Three orphaned sisters hear a remarkable fortune.


Nikolas Acton and Patricia Morgan meet at a fair.


Taliesin Wolfe and “Saint” Sterling meet in jail. (Bonus Scenes)


Valerie Monroe and Etienne La Marque become intimately acquainted at sea. (Swept Away by a Kiss)

Valerie encounters Steven Ashford at a Christmas house party at Castlemarch. (Swept Away by a Kiss) [Beatrice Sinclaire]


Felix Vaucoeur challenges James Blackwood to a duel. [Leam Blackwood]

The Falcon Club is founded. [Colin Gray, Leam Blackwood, Wyn Yale, Jin Seton]


A handsome stranger on a valiant steed snatches Octavia Pierce from the hands of villains.


Tacitus Everard courts Calista Chance at Dashbourne, and is deeply disappointed.

Trenton “Crash” Ascot attends a wedding at Kingstag Castle where he makes the acquaintance an obviously insane American. (How Angela Got Her Rogue Back)

Kitty Savege and a handsome cretin — Leam Blackwood — are first introduced at a London ball.


Beatrice Sinclaire first makes the acquaintance of Peter “Tip” Cheriot. Proposals of marriage follow.

Octavia Pierce and Ben Doreé enjoy a breathtakingly improper flirtation in Madras.


At a party at which she definitely should not be, an heiress and a swordsman become acquainted, secretly and without exchanging names.

A deadly fire burns down the hunting box of the Marquess of Doreé.

Constance Read joins the Falcon Club.


Steven Ashford and Ben Doreé make an interesting offer to Nikolas Acton. [Alex Savege]

Nik Acton and Patricia Morgan meet again, at an inn. (A Lady’s Wish)

Serena Carlyle stumbles upon a stranger — Alex Savege — in a dark room at a ball. Kissing ensues. Full-on seduction follows. (Captured by a Rogue Lord) [Jin Seton, Kitty Savege, Steven Ashford, Diantha Lucas]

Lady Justice publicly vows to discover and reveal the members of the Falcon Club.

A snowstorm entraps Kitty Savege at a country inn with Leam Blackwood. (When a Scot Loves a Lady) [Wyn Yale]

Lady Charlotte Ascot and (the jilting) Duke of Frye have a most unexpected Christmas adventure together. (Snowy Night With a Duke)


Kitty Savege and Leam Blackwood pursue miscreants in London and continue to fall helplessly in love despite themselves. (When a Scot Loves a Lady) [Wyn Yale, Jinan Seton, Constance Read, Colin Gray, Felix Vaucoeur, Lady Justice]

Arabella Caulfield boards Luc Westfall’s ship in England and disembarks in France to take up a post as a governess. (I Married the Duke) [Cam Westfall, Jacqueline of Sensaire, Captain Anthony Masinter]

Amarantha Vale sails to the West Indies where, in perilous circumstances, she meets Captain Gabriel Hume of the Royal Navy. (The Duke)

Cam Westfall befriends Jacqueline of Sensaire while secretly reading her diary. (Kisses, She Wrote) [Arabella Caulfield, Luc Westfall, Captain Anthony Masinter]


In a castle in a snowstorm, Ravenna Caulfield solves a murder mystery with the assistance of Vitor Courtenay. (I Adored a Lord) [Taliesin Wolfe]

Jin Seton finds Viola Carlyle aka Violet la Vile at sea, and they sail to England via the West Indies. (How to be a Proper Lady) [Serena & Alex Savege, Wyn Yale, Diantha Lucas, Colin Gray, Constance Read, Lady Justice]


Tacitus Everard encounters Calista Chance Holland at an inn in the midst of a flood. (Again, My Lord) [Ian Chance]

Eleanor Caulfield sets off to find her parents; Taliesin Wolfe serves as her escort. (I Loved a Rogue) [Arabella & Luc Westfall, Ravenna & Vitor Courtenay, “Saint” Sterling]

Fiona Blackwood finally makes the acquaintance of Felix Vaucoeur at a ball. (“Ask Me to Dance”)


While traveling on the Mail, Diantha Lucas encounters Wyn Yale and is sidetracked from her goal. (How a Lady Weds a Rogue) [Duncan Eads, Kitty & Leam Blackwood, Serena & Alex Savege, Constance Read, Colin Gray, Teresa Finch-Freeworth, Lady Justice]


Octavia Pierce and Ben Doreé meet again in London. (In the Arms of a Marquess) [Constance Read, Valerie Ashford, Serena Carlyle]


“Saint” Sterling travels to Scotland to teach fencing and discovers that his new student is Constance Read (The Rogue) [Wyn Yale, Kitty & Leam Blackwood, Colin Gray, Lady Justice]

Teresa Finch-Freeworth vows to wed Duncan Eads and takes on a seemingly impossible task. (How to Marry a Highlander) [Diantha & Wyn Yale]

Printer’s assistant Gabrielle Flood makes a dreadful mistake and finds help in the most unlikely accomplice, Captain Anthony Masinter. (The Scoundrel & I) [Cam & Jacqueline Bedwyr]

Lady Justice and Colin Gray aka Peregrine find themselves in a perilous bind together in the Scottish wilderness. (The Earl)

Beatrice Sinclaire travels to Wales to rescue her brother, escorted by Peter Cheriot. (Captive Bride)

Corinna Mowbray encounters Ian Chance at a museum exhibition, with astonishing consequences. (My Lady, My Lord) [Calista & Tacitus Everard]


Esme Astell unexpectedly encounters Charles Brittle in Scotland. (The Pirate & I) [Gabriel Hume]

Amarantha Garland comes upon the mysterious Duke of Loch Irvine in a dark library. (The Duke)

Libby Shaw encounters a teasing stranger in a castle in Scotland. [Amarantha Garland]


Libby Shaw and Ziyaeddin meet again in highly suspicious circumstances. Deals are (somewhat rashly) made. (The Prince)

A Note from Katharine (a.k.a. A Special Sort of Whacky)

Writing fiction is an infinitely fluid process. Even after my books appear in print, characters and events continue to grow and change and surprise me. This is especially the case since all of my books exist in one single fictional world of Regency-era England. New characters often have effects on previous characters and events that I didn’t necessarily anticipate or plan. Which, you know, is hair-raising. Occasionally this exciting (cough-choke) unpredictability results in minor disjunctions in the timeline that unites them all. And so, due to this charming (snort!) ever-changing nature of the storytelling process, the kind reader is encouraged to occasionally allow a slightly malleable quality of dates — especially in characters’ backstories — which when charted on a timeline don’t always entirely match up.

I’m always so happy to hear from readers. If you have a question or comment about this timeline, or about the connections between my stories and the relationships of my characters to each other, I hope you will write to me via the Contact page on this website.

Warmest wishes,

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This timeline was last updated on March 10, 2018.