At the Christmas Wedding

An anthology featuring Katharine's novella:

"Snowy Night With a Duke"

Oct 15, 2017

This time there’s nowhere to hide…

The last time Lady Charlotte Ascot bumped into the Duke of Frye, she climbed a tree to avoid him. Sometimes it’s simply easier to run away than to face her feelings for him — overwhelmingly passionate feelings that no modest lady should have! Now, on her way to Kingstag Castle to celebrate the holidays with friends, Charlotte is trapped by a snow storm at a tiny country inn with the duke of her steamy dreams. But Frye has a secret of his own, and Christmas is the ideal time to finally tell the woman he’s always wanted the whole unvarnished truth. Better yet, he’ll show her…

A Regency Anthology

Snowed in with a castle full of handsome lords, four young ladies are about to have the holiday of their lives.

Featuring Four Novellas

“Map of a Lady’s Heart” by Caroline Linden

“The Undercover Viscount” by Miranda Neville

“Hot Rogue on a Cold Night” by Maya Rodale

“Snowy Night With a Duke” by Katharine Ashe

At the Christmas Wedding is a sequel to The Lady Authors’ bestselling anthology At the Duke’s Wedding.

Excerpt Coming Soon!

At the Christmas Wedding

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The Lady Authors

Oct 15, 2017