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Neurodiversity in Romance

I was recently asked to recommend romances featuring neurodivergent characters, so I scribbled a quick list off the top of my head of novels by amazingly good writers.  I’m happy to share that list with you here.  If you’ve any to add to this list, send me an email or give me a shout on Twitter (if you don’t follow my account, alas, I won’t see your mention).

Talia Hibbert, Act Your Age, Eve Brown and more (romantic comedy)
Kristan Higgins, Pack Up the Moon (women’s fiction/romance)
Helen Hoang, The Kiss Quotient and more (contemporary romance)

Sonali Dev, Recipe for Persuasion and Incense and Sensibility (contemporary romance)
Farah Heron, Accidentally Engaged (contemporary romance)
Alisha Rai, Hate to Want You and Girl Gone Wild (contemporary romance)

Virginia Kantra, Beth and Amy (women’s fiction)
Priscilla Oliveras, Island Affair (romance)

Katharine Ashe, The Prince (historical romance)
Barbara Claypole White, The Unfinished Garden (women’s fiction/romance)
Sonali Dev, The Bollywood Bride (romance)

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Falling In Love

This piece first appeared on The Romance Dish on August 17, 2010.


I fall in love easily, frequently, and oftentimes hard.

Before I continue, allow me a qualification: I define Love broadly.  As a graduate student I was trained to mistrust multiple uses of the same word for different purposes.  When applied to love, my friends, this is sheer hooey.  Love is grand, wide, all encompassing, and generous.  It cannot be confined to an individual act of passion, one type of emotion, or even a single ecstatic spiritual experience.  Love is lots of things.

Now, back to falling in love.

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Attention, Animal Lovers!

Katharine loves animals — all sorts — big, little, pawed, hoofed, furry, feathered, even (ack!) scaly!  So she includes them in many of her stories.  There are horses in all of her historical romances (that’s how lots of folks got around back then), but horses appear as special characters in I Loved a Rogue and My Lady, My Lord.  Dogs are central to the stories in The Pirate & I and I Adored a Lord, and the hero of When a Scot Loves a Lady has two magnificent wolfhounds.  One of Katharine’s beloved road trip romancesHow a Lady Weds a Rogue, is positively full of critters with a stolen horse, a three-legged dog, and a helpful dairy cow.  A mysterious (yet cuddly) cat stars in Again, My Lord, and a rambunctious piglet plays a special role in The Prince.  Have you read Katharine’s novel that features a monkey?

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Cookies Fit for a Prince

Welcome to my Holiday Cookie Exchange Hop recipe!

After years of living in danger, the exiled royal of my historical romance The Prince truly enjoys the simple, cozy task of preparing tea. He especially loves making tea for the young woman living in his Edinburgh home and scandalously pretending to be a young man so that she can study medicine. To honor these two lovers, I’m offering a delicious holiday cookie that pairs perfectly with tea. Bonus: it’s wheat free!

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