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Amarantha’s Journeys

Amarantha's Journey

In The Duke, Amarantha travels a lot! Here are the most significant stops on her journeys in Scotland, and along Gabriel’s travels as well. This map also includes Loch Lomond, the left bank of which Lady Justice and Peregrine traverse in The Earl.


Many thanks to Mary Brophy Marcus for the fabulous idea and design concept for this map, and to Jenn Zapf of Waxcreative Designs for the gorgeous execution of it.


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Is He Mr. Right?

Wonderful Vanessa Kelly invited me to interview Corinna Mowbray and Ian Chance, the heroine and hero from My Lady, My Lord, for her readers. Corinna thinks it’s a great idea. She hosts a fashionable, elite salon in London, and enjoys conversing on all sorts of subjects. The trouble is, when we suggested it to Ian, he… well… he squared his handsome jaw and headed toward the card room.

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Ghostly Inspiration

Long ago I wrote a story in which the heroine’s sister played a minor part. This sister, barely sixteen, had wide doe’s eyes and a sweet, pensive smile. In that story a handsome young gentleman noticed those wide doe’s eyes and sweet, pensive smile.

He noticed them and he could not forget them.

But that story was not theirs. It went along its way, leaving them stealing glances at one another, tongue-tying him when their gazes met yet offering him no opportunity to become un-tongue-tied.

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A Day in the Life of a Pirate

To write my Rogues of the Sea trilogy I did quite a fair bit of research about pirates. So I wrote a little piece about a typical day in the life of a buccaneer for the lovely folks at RT Book Reviews. The trouble was that as I wrote it, Alex Savege, the hero of Captured by a Rogue Lord, kept adding his observations. Here I offer you the result: my summary, with a rakish earl’s commentary on the life of a pirate.

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