Attention, Animal Lovers!

Katharine loves animals — all sorts — big, little, pawed, hoofed, furry, feathered, even (ack!) scaly!  So she includes them in many of her stories.  There are horses in all of her historical romances (that’s how lots of folks got around back then), but horses appear as special characters in I Loved a Rogue and My Lady, My Lord.  Dogs are central to the stories in The Pirate & I and I Adored a Lord, and the hero of When a Scot Loves a Lady has two magnificent wolfhounds.  One of Katharine’s beloved road trip romancesHow a Lady Weds a Rogue, is positively full of critters with a stolen horse, a three-legged dog, and a helpful dairy cow.  A mysterious (yet cuddly) cat stars in Again, My Lord, and a rambunctious piglet plays a special role in The Prince.  Have you read Katharine’s novel that features a monkey?

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