Have you written any books where the hero and heroine are trapped together?

Yes! I love romances like that, so I’ve written many!

My books that feature dreamy heroes and dashing heroines snowbound in gorgeous castles or cozy inns are I Adored a Lord (which is based on the board game Clue!), When a Scot Loves a Lady, and “Snowy Night with a Duke” in At the Christmas Wedding.  The hero and heroine of my debut historical romance, Swept Away by a Kiss, are imprisoned together on a pirate ship while he’s disguised as a Catholic priest.  In my fan-favorite The Earl, the hero and heroine – sworn enemies – are chased by an angry mob and must join forces to escape across the Scottish wilderness.  And in How a Lady Weds a Rogue, a spirited lady and her gentleman-hero collect a delightful band of misfits in their flight across the Welsh countryside to evade a dangerous villain.

If you’re up for a touch of something unique in a historical romance…  In my novel Again, My Lord, a flood and an astonishingly repeating day entrap a lady in a tiny village with the one man she is determined not to fall in love with – again.  And in Captive Bride, old friends become new lovers when an angry ghost traps them together in his haunted castle.