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A History Professor’s Take on Romance

Nov 2016

What happens when a history professor (moi!) writes romance? Here’s an interview I did with BookPage’s Lily McLemore: “A History Professor’s Take on Romance.”


You Don’t Know Romance

Jan 2019

Blogger Jackie Horne, author Maya Rodale, and scholar Rachel Seidman inaugurated the UNSUITABLE Speakers Series, which I co-organize with Laura Florand at Duke University, with a fascinating and lively conversation about romance novels and feminism.

Gender Genre Blog

Romances for a Women’s Studies Course

Aug 2016

Maya Rodale includes Again, My Lord in an excellent list of the “Top 5 Romance Novels for a Women’s Studies Course”, plus some of my other favorites!

Read-A-Romance Month

Learning How to Love

Aug 2016

I shared the story of my about-face conversion for the “Opposites Attract” trope in romance fiction during Read-A-Romance Month in 2016.

Huffington Post

The Importance of Word Choice

May 2016

Here’s a little piece I wrote in 2016 on the importance of word choice, especially the words we use to describe sex. (Warning: not for the demure or innocent.)

Maria's Farm Country Kitchen blog

Women, Sex & History

Mar 2016

When people learn that I’m a professor of medieval history, they sometimes say the darnedest things. And when I tell them I’m also a romance novelist, it can be even funnier. I shared a few hilarious (and somewhat disturbing) examples on the wonderful Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen blog: “We’ve Come a Long Way Baby… Haven’t We?”

Not Just Love Stories

Nov 2016

Here’s my open letter to folks who dismissively call romance novels “bodice rippers” or “just love stories,” on the fabulous “Stop calling Romance Novels ‘Just’ Love Stories.”

Heroes and Heartbreakers

Competence Kinks

Feb 2016

In The Rogue I wrote a hero with a super sexy expertise: sword fighting! It inspired me to list my favorite expertises in fiction and real life: “You’re a Pro! 9 Utterly Irresistible Competence Kinks.”

Gender & Genre Blog

Cinderella Revisited

May 2016

I had the honor of being the first romance author to appear on HarperCollins’ Publisher’s Gender & Genre blog with my piece “Cinderella Revisited (Or, Why I Teach the History of the Romance Novel to University Students)”.

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