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Author's Voice "Lit With Love"

Sonali Dev Interviews Katharine about The Prince

Jun 2018

For her wonderful “Lit With Love” series, award-winning author Sonali Dev interviews Katharine about The Prince.  They talk about real women’s history, story inspirations, and lots more.


A History Professor’s Take on Romance

Nov 2016

What happens when a history professor writes romance?  In Katharine’s interview with BookPage’s Lily McLemore, “A History Professor’s Take on Romance”, she shares what it’s like to wear those two hats.

Gender Genre Blog

Romances for a Women’s Studies Course

Aug 2016

Maya Rodale includes Again, My Lord on an excellent list of the “Top 5 Romance Novels for a Women’s Studies Course,” and some of Katharine’s favorite romances.

Read-A-Romance Month

Learning How to Love

Aug 2016

Katharine shared the story of her about-face conversion for the “Opposites Attract” trope in romance fiction during Read-A-Romance Month in 2016.

Huffington Post

The Importance of Word Choice

May 2016

Katharine shared her thoughts for The Huffington Post on the importance of word choice, especially the words frequently used to describe sex in modern popular culture and conversation.

Maria's Farm Country Kitchen blog

Women, Sex & History

Mar 2016

When people learn that Katharine is a professor of medieval history, she can report that they sometimes say the darnedest things.  And when she tells them she is also a romance novelist, it can be even funnier.  She shared some hilarious (and disturbing) examples at Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen in her piece “We’ve Come a Long Way Baby… Haven’t We?”

Not Just Love Stories

Nov 2016

Katharine shared her open letter to folks who dismiss romance novels as “bodice rippers” or “just love stories” on “Stop calling Romance Novels ‘Just’ Love Stories.”

Gender & Genre Blog

Cinderella Revisited

May 2016

Katharine had the honor of being the first romance author to appear on HarperCollins’ Publisher’s Gender & Genre blog with her piece “Cinderella Revisited (Or, Why I Teach the History of the Romance Novel to University Students)”.

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