Bonus Scenes

Bonus Scene: The Hero’s Prologue

In The Rogue, Constance and Saint’s first meeting is told from the point of view of Constance. This extended version of the Prologue tells of their first meeting from Saint’s point of view, and then continues with more of that fortnight at Fellsbourne, six years before they meet again at Castle Read in The Rogue. I’ve never before written an entire scene twice—once from the heroine’s point of view and then again from the hero’s. But this time both Saint and Constance’s versions were so clear in my mind and heart that I had to do it. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to share Saint’s story with you now.

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Bonus Scene: “Two Rogues”

This scene is a flashback of the first meeting between Taliesin Wolfe, the hero of I Loved a Rogue, and Saint Sterling, the hero of The Rogue.  It occurs before the main stories in both I Loved a Rogue and The Rogue take place.

After this, the pair of young rogues are inseparable for two years, traveling about Britain doing odd jobs here and there, prize fighting with fists and swords, and generally getting into as much trouble as possible–as young men are wont to do…

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