Will you write more books in the Twist Series? (And did you publish them out of order?)

I’m thrilled readers love this series!  It is an absolute joy to write.

My Lady, My Lord was the first published novel in this series (in 2014), but it isn’t the chronologically first story about the Chance family and its naughty Aphrodite statue.  The first romance is Calista and Dare’s in Again, My Lord, in which the family first acquires the trickster statue.  The next in order is Evelina and Peyton’s love story, which actually takes place both before and after the events in My Lady, My Lord.

There is a simple explanation for why I haven’t published these novels in chronological order of the stories.  Years ago I wrote My Lady, My Lord just for fun — for me  — to see what it would be like to write a historical romance that deviates from reality a bit.  It didn’t make sense to leave the book sitting in a drawer, so I published it for my readers’ fun too.  I had no idea it would be so popular.  That was a very happy surprise!  I had already been dreaming of writing Calista and Dare’s love story, as well as Evie and Peyton’s (and a few other characters’ as well).  So, between contracted books with my publisher, I’ve been planning and writing those.

The next novel is Evelina and Peyton’s romance.

Oh, and they’re all truly standalone.  So if you’re new to my books, you can start anywhere.

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