Bonus Content

Book Extras

From fun facts, to character interviews, to story inspiration, and more—book extras give an inside take on Katharine's stories, characters, and settings. They're also a lot of fun!

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Bonus Scenes

There are aways scenes that don't make the cut for final publication, but sometimes they're just too good to pass up entirely. Even after a story hits the shelves, there's occasionally another scene that just has to be written...

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The Katharine Papers

Katharine writes more than fiction! The Katharine Papers are a small collection of articles on various topics that she has written, gathered here for your convenience.

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Extras About Writing

Find out about Katharine's journey to becoming an author.

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Audio Books

Sink into one of Katharine's novels gorgeously narrated in audio book.

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Author's Notes

Each of Katharine's books has a story of its own, from the first spark of inspiration to the writing. Katharine's website-exclusive "Ex Libris" feature shares these stories.

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History Tidbits

Want to learn more of the utterly cool historical research that goes into every one of Katharine's books?

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