Bonus Content

Book Extras

From fun facts, to character interviews, to story inspiration, and more—book extras give an inside take on Katharine's stories, characters, and settings. They're also a lot of fun!

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Bonus Scenes

There are aways scenes that don't make the cut for final publication, but sometimes they're just too good to pass up entirely. Even after a story hits the shelves, there's occasionally another scene that just has to be written...

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The Katharine Papers

Katharine writes more than fiction! The Katharine Papers are a small collection of articles on various topics that she has written, gathered here for your convenience.

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Extras About Writing

Find out about Katharine's journey to becoming an author.

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Author's Notes

Each of Katharine's books has a story of its own, from the first spark of inspiration to the writing. Katharine's website-exclusive "Ex Libris" feature shares these stories.

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History Tidbits

Katharine adores diving deep into research to make the history in her romances shine. Here she shares extra astonishing tidbits of history that her research uncovers. Check back regularly for new tidbits from her latest novels as well as her earlier books.

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