As a novelist and historian, what do you think of the recent conversation about ‘diverse’ romance?

It’s long overdue.  The more that romance fiction accurately represents the diversity of our current society and of actual historical societies in terms of gender, skin color, sexuality, ability, religion, wealth, labor and all aspects of human identity and experience, the better the genre will be as a whole and the better we will all be as readers.  I try to write passionate, emotional love stories set in real places and featuring characters experiencing real life.  I’m fortunate to have the generous advice and assistance of brilliant colleagues in academia, as well as amazing author and reader friends, to help me.  My novels that feature diverse characters are The PrinceThe Duke, The Rogue, I Loved a Rogue, How to Be a Proper Lady, In the Arms of a Marquess, and Swept Away by a Kiss.

2019 Diverse Reading Challenge

Inspired by amazing author Robin Covington’s “2019 Diverse Reading Challenge,” in 2019 I’ll record below all of the wonderful novels I read that celebrate and reflect the gorgeous diversity of humanity. Stay tuned…