Frequently Asked Questions

Which is your latest book?

The top of my Books page features my latest and next books.

If I haven’t yet read your books, where should I start?

I’m so glad you’ve found me. You can take a look at each book (click on a book cover here) and read whichever strikes your fancy first. Or choose according to what sort of romance you like best.

While all of my books are full of deep emotion and lush sensuality, some have certain highlights:

* Rich History & Heart-stopping Romance

The Earl (*Starred Review* from Publishers Weekly)

I Loved a Rogue (USA Today “Must-Read Romance of 2015”)

How to Be a Proper Lady (2012 Amazon Editors’ Choice for the 10 Best Romances of the Year)

In the Arms of a Marquess (“Every woman who ever dreamed of having a titled lord at her feet will love this novel.” Eloisa James)

Swept Away by a Kiss (2010 Reviewers’ Choice Best First Historical Romance nominee)

* Loads of Laughter

How to Marry a Highlander (2014 RITA® Award Finalist)

My Lady, My Lord (2015 RITA® Award Finalist and USA Today bestseller)

* Non-stop Action & Attraction

The Earl (*Starred Review* from Publishers Weekly)

The Rogue (2016 Nominee for Best Historical Romance, Reviewers’ Choice Awards)

How to Be a Proper Lady (2012 Amazon Editors’ Choice for the 10 Best Romances of the Year)

I Married the Duke (2013 Nominee for Best Historical Romance, Reviewers’ Choice Awards)

Captured by a Rogue Lord (2011 Winner for Historical Romantic Adventure, Reviewers’ Choice Awards)

* Beguiling Mystery

The Rogue (Library Journal *Starred Review* and Amazon “Best Books of the Month”)

I Adored a Lord (“A delicious whodunit” Publishers Weekly)

When a Scot Loves a Lady (2013 Nominee for the Library of Virginia Literary Award)

* Heartwarming Fun

Again, My Lord and The Scoundrel & I

* Utterly Unique

The Twist Series

You can also read my books according to the series. See below for how my books and series are connected. Happy reading!

How are your books and series connected?

I have five series: Devil’s Duke, Falcon Club, Prince Catchers, Rogues of the Sea and my Twist Series. They’re all connected by characters; you’ll see cameos of many of my heroes and heroines in books outside their series. The Devil’s Duke series is a continuation of the Falcon Club series. Several of the main characters in the Falcon Club series are introduced in Captured by a Rogue Lord and one is introduced in In the Arms of a Marquess.

Click here for a downloadable checklist of all of my books.

Visit my website’s TIMELINE page to see all of the major events in my books in chronological order, including heroes and heroines that appear in other books.

When are Books #4 and #5 of the Falcon Club series coming?

They’re already here! My Devil’s Duke series is a continuation of The Falcon Club series. Sparrow’s book is The Rogue and Peregrine’s book is The Earl. You can also catch a glimpse of Sparrow’s hero in I Loved a Rogue, book #3 of the Prince Catchers. My novella The Scoundrel & I includes letters between Lady Justice and Peregrine that are not published anywhere else.

Will you be writing Rhys Iversly’s story?

YES. When I find the time… But it’s coming! The noble ghost deserves his happily-ever-after. In the meantime, a new beautiful edition of Captive Bride is coming in 2017!

Where do your ideas come from?

My heart, history books, music, nature, other novels, movies, people I meet, people I see in passing, ships, gowns, hairstyles, animals, life…

Have you written any holiday romances?

Kisses, She Wrote is a Christmas novella. Swept Away by a Kiss and When a Scot Loves a Lady both partially take place over Christmas too.

Captive Bride is a Halloween story.

Have you ever considered writing a medieval romance?

I’ve written several. When these become available, I’ll let you know. (Click here to sign up for my e-news book announcements.) My time-travel novella, How Angela Got Her Rogue Back, appears in the anthology I wrote with Caroline Linden, Maya Rodale, and Miranda Neville, At the Duke’s Wedding.

How can I find out when your next book will be coming out?

I send quick e-news announcements each time a new book comes out and occasionally with special information on sales and appearances. with book announcements. Sign up for that here. (And make sure your spam filter doesn’t grab it!) You can also sign up to receive beautiful postcards and bookmarks for each of my books when they come out; just send me your postal mailing address.

Is it better for you if I buy your novels in print or e-book?

Thanks for asking! Whichever you prefer–print or e-book–makes me happy as long as you enjoy the story. 🙂 Actually, a great way to support an author is to buy her book the very week it comes out. Booksellers like to turn over books speedily, so the quicker an author’s books fly off the shelf, the happier the bookseller is. And what makes booksellers happy makes an author’s publisher happy, which in turn makes an author happy. 🙂 Also, bestseller lists help authors get noticed by new readers, and strong sales in the first week are often what puts an author on one of those lists. Writing online reviews helps too, especially at Amazon. But the very best thing a reader can do to support an author is recommend her books to friends.

Your books are full of sailors and ships. What’s the difference between a pirate and a privateer?

Pirates were thieves. They stole cargoes and ships as they wished and whenever they could get away with it. Privateers were free agents commissioned by a government to act on behalf of a state or nation. They often behaved quite a lot like pirates on the seas, but their purpose was to help the people that commissioned them win battles and wars. Many of the ships that fought on the side of the U.S. during the wars of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries were privateers.

I’m writing a novel and I would really like someone to read it and give me feedback. Can you recommend where to find critique partners?

Congratulations! I hope you find great joy in writing. Romance Writers of America is the professional organization for authors and aspiring authors of romance fiction. There are dozens of local and online chapters of RWA. They can help you find a critique partner in your area or online. Best of luck to you, and happy writing!