The Prince

Book 4 in the Devil’s Duke Series

The temptation of her lips…

Libby Shaw refuses to accept society’s dictates. She’s determined to become a member of Edinburgh’s all-male Royal College of Surgeons. Disguising herself as a man, she attends the surgical theater and fools everyone—except the one man who has never forgotten the shape of her exquisitely sensual lips.

…will make a prince say yes to her every desire.

Forced to leave his home as a boy, famed portraitist Ziyaeddin is secretly the exiled prince of a distant realm. When he first met Libby, he memorized every detail of her face and drew her. But her perfect lips gave him trouble—the same lips he now longs to kiss. When Libby asks his help to hide her feminine identity from the world, Ziyaeddin agrees on one condition: she must sit for him to paint—as a woman. But what begins as a daring scheme could send them both hurtling toward danger… and an unparalleled love.

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The Prince

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“Last night in the pub my friends were discussing a matter that suggested to me acutely an area of study that, I fear, may cause me some if not considerable trouble in the future. Not only that, but being unable to share in even casual conversations about it is proving inconvenient.”

He nodded encouragement for her to continue.

After last night, there was no other way to state this. She dove in.

“My knowledge of anatomy is lacking. Male anatomy, in particular,” she clarified.

A single brow lifted. “Is it?”

“When the other students trade puerile banter, I am conspicuously silent. My studies on the subject are proving insufficient for the pretense of manhood I am living.”

“I see.” He glanced at her books stacked all over his parlor, about which he had said nothing for weeks. He was a generous host. She was depending on that now.

“Haven’t you been examining male cadavers?” he said.

“Those do not move, of course.” She looked squarely into his eyes. In the candlelight they were the color of coal and, as always, very beautiful. “But you do.”

“Ah,” he said, smiling slightly. “I begin to see the direction of this conversation.”

“Will you help me with this?”

“Your studies would continue to suffer.” The knuckles wrapped around the end of his walking stick were stretched tight. “I, as you know, am not a whole man.”

She stepped forward. It was unwise, especially now that she knew what she was capable of in his proximity. But she could allow nothing to hinder her project, not even memories of his breathtaking musculature.

“If I am to succeed in this charade, I must know everything about being a man,” she said. “And it is not male legs that interest me now.”

His gaze snapped to hers, and in that moment it occurred to her that this man, who had agreed to her terms for living in his house, was neither celibate by nature nor inclined to remain so for much longer.

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The Prince

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The Prince

is Book 4 in the Devil’s Duke Series

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